Monday, September 8, 2008

Verge (of Backstage) of LA

Almost a year ago, I started to form the idea for Verge of LA (VoLA). My piece, "Letters at Midnight" really breaks it all down, so I won't go crazy here, but here are a few missing pieces to the puzzle.

First off, I had been writing about LA based Podcasters for Podcast User Magazine for a year and it go me thinking about doing something that was LA based. A magazine to tell the rest of the story of my hometown, not just the glitter and gloss.

Also, I met MMA fighter and photographer Mac Danzig earlier this year. My original plan was to interview him and write a story to sell to another publication. But during the process of putting the story together, I realized I wanted to tell the story, the way I wanted to, not just what would sell. so that's how we got here. (A preview of exclusive story in "The Book" will be posted next Tuesday.)

Of course, it has been a "long and winding road" to bring VoLA out of the imagination and into the world. The original plan was to release "The Book" first and just have the website for "bonus" material. Deadlines passed and plans changed. We finally decided to lead with website, since we'd be able to get the material out sooner and keep it fresher.

Earlier today, John (in the UK) reminded me that the 8th was our month anniversary (we launched 08.08.08). It has been a crazy and hectic month, but it was the months of experimenting that really got here to this point.

By this time next month, we'll be finishing up "The Book" and we'll be making plans for the future. Please stay tuned...

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