Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update: September 10, 2008

Verge of LA has been online for little over a month (see previous post) and we are already spreading around the globe. So far we have been read in 18 countries, 41 states and 207 cities. Obviously the highest concentration of viewers is from "The States," California and the greater Los Angeles area. But in terms of "average time on the site" Finland tops the list followed by Australia, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands. Who knew?

This week we continue to update our featured content, including a shot by Dr. M. and my Letters at Midnight.

Mostly I want to point you towards a video that I first learned about from my good friend John Herrmann's blog. John just turned 40 earlier this summer, which is a huge accomplishment since he has lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy almost his entire life. The video that John is helping to promote is a trailer for a film about a young guy named Darius who also has MS. As the name of the film implies, Darius Goes West in order to get his power wheelchair customized by the MTV show Pimp My Ride. Please check it out and help the cause if you are able.

Also, we set up a page to help you, help us promote Verge of LA by placing a button on your blog or site. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Until next week (or until I have something else to ramble about)...



Photo: "John's Butterflies" shot with camera phone.

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